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Struggling for time? Can’t get that full one hour class in?

We have an easy solution. Our 20-30 min daily workout is designed to get the heart rate up and give you a great workout in this time. This will be high paced and get you sweating.

$5 per week will give you access to our group of like minded people. Programs will be done Sundays each week.

For more info – info@nsnhighperformance.com or you can book your spot now via https://nsnhighperformance.ptminder.com/store/memberships/17554Run pro


NSN Lifters Take on The Nations Best

Four NSN Powerlifters will have the honour of representing NSW at the Australian National Powerlifting Championships run by the Australian Powerlifting Union. The championships will be held at Swansea, NSW on the 26th, 27th & 28th October.

Our three ladies representing are Isabella Devetak, Amy Evans & Angela Hudson. Isabella & Angela will be lifting Friday morning at 8am. Amy, along with another NSN lifter, Natalie Bartolo, will be taking the platform in the 1:30pm time slot.

Coach Huddo will be coaching all these ladies and will be the Head coach of the NSW team. We look forward to seeing all our lifters compete.


Who are We? Do We Do

We are often asked what we do. The short answer is we do online programming.

We have a wide range of programs to choose from and all different levels.

NSN Conditioning –  This is our previous conditioning class. This program is a great mix of Strength and Conditioning and also incorporating skills.

NSN High Performance – NSN HP is our competitive exerciser program. This is generally 90mins each day and is a high level.

Powerlifting – Powerlifting program specifically tailored to your needs.

Olympic Lifting – Olympic Lifting program specifically tailored to your needs.

Sports specific – Program specifically tailored to your sport.

NSN Endurance – 3 x running sessions each week to help you build endurance.

NSN Powerbuilding – A great mix of Powerlifting and Bodybuilding giving you both strength, size and the body composition you are after.

If you have any questions regarding online programming please send us an email at info@nsnhighperformance.com NSN_3026

The Bristow Open

We are excited about the upcoming lifting season. 2018 looks like being a massive year in the powerlifting game. The first event on the Australian Powerlifting Union calendar is the Bristow Open.

A venue change to the Bristow Open brings it here to NSN for 2018. We look forward to bringing you approximately 50 lifters in the annual event.

For more information regarding the event can be found Here


2017 First Competitions for Our Powerlifters

Well 2017 is here and off to a great start with a few more members taking the plunge and going to compete in some sanctioned events. Our first comp for 2017 is set for 4th March. The Bristow is a favourite of NSN’s, its local and run by Max Bristow, an absolute legend of the sport and we always look forward to competing.

Our competitors are currently training large volumes ready for their chance at 3 attempts of the Squat, Bench and Deadlift. We look forward to seeing all the old faces and keen to watch our new members hit some personal bests.

For more info on Max’s comp Bristow Open 2017


Why Online Coaching

Online coaching has been getting more and more popular these days. So why choose online coaching?

Some of the benefits of online coaching.

– Flexible. You can do the program around kids and family etc. Our programs are flexible enough you could even change the days around to suit your needs.

– Work Your Weaknesses. We all have areas that need improving. Working with one of our coaches will help you make your weaknesses strengths

– Goal setting & Accountability. We will keep you accountable to help you achieve your goals.

For more information on programs drop us an email at info@nsnhighperformance.com

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